Collection Services

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Regular Service

 Quadrant  Regular Service Day Inclement Weather/
Holiday Service Day
 Southeast Quadrant  Monday  Wednesday
 Northwest Quadrant  Tuesday  Wednesday
 Northeast Quadrant  Thursday  Saturday
 Southwest Quadrant  Friday  Saturday

2018 Recycling calendar

Scheduled Cleanup and Curbside Collection Service

View the Quadrant Map (785kb pdf) or Large street map with quadrants (1.32mb pdf)

Call the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling hotline at 540-961-1894 to confirm whether inclement weather or a holiday will affect service.

Please see the Curbside Recycling Guidelines to learn more. For further information, contact the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling at 540-443-1212 or

Historic or Design Review Board

Historic or Design Review Board
Monday, May 14, 2018
4:30 p.m.
Blacksburg Motor Company Conference Room,
400 S. Main St.

I. Welcome and Roll Call

II. Unfinished Business:

A. Approval of minutes from the April 23, 2018 meeting - POSTPONED.

III. Reviews:

A. Historic District:

1. 201 South Main Street, 103 Lee Street, & 105 Lee Street – Demolition and Redevelopment Plan

a) Staff Update
b) Applicant Presentation: Mr. Tom Koontz
c) Public Comment
d) Subcommittee Report: None.
e) HDRB Discussion & Action

B. Design Review: None.

C. Courtesy Review: None.

IV. Other Business:

A. Discussion with Steve Semones regarding Old Blacksburg Middle School rezoning
B. Administrative Updates
C. Next meeting: June 11, 2018, if needed

V. General Citizen Comments

VI. Adjourn

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