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The following calendar is for local government meetings and downtown events that have been approved or sponsored by the town. For a comprehensive listing of special events in Blacksburg, or to post your own event to a community calendar visit

Greenway / Bikeway / Sidewalk Corridor Committee

Greenway/Bikeway/Sidewalk Corridor Committee 

Blacksburg Motor Company
Conference Room
400 S. Main St.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 7:30 a.m


I.      Call to Order
II.     Approval of April 18, 2018 meeting notes.
III.    Public Address
IV.    Design Review:
         a. RZN17-0006 Old Blacksburg Middle School: 501 South Main Street
         b. RZN18-0005 Terrace View PRD: 413 Hunt Club Road
V.     Old Business:
         a. Administrative Updates
VI.    New Business:  None.
VII.   Adjourn


Corridor Committee Members
Elizabeth Lohman-Chair 
Jeri Baker (VT) 
Sheridan Bell 
John Bush 
Paul Farrier 
Aaron Grigsby 
Steve Hankey 
Christian James 
Ellen Rabun 

Subcommittees meet on an as needed basis:
Sidewalk and Lane Subcommittee 
Safety and Education Subcommittee
Greenway and Trail Subcommittee