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For a business meeting, birthday party, wedding reception, family reunion, graduation celebration, or other big events, there are four rooms at the Blacksburg Community Center. There are also various accessories that are available with the rooms. Two rooms are available with kitchen facilities. There are three gyms with score clocks are available for an additional fee.

If there is a diagram of the desired room set up, send it to Blacksburg Parks and Recreation at least 48 hours in advance and the room will be set up according to the diagram.

Everything is available on a first come, first served basis, and fee must accompany reservation. So make reservations as soon as possible.

Any rentals that are outside of the regular hours of the Blacksburg Community Center are subject to an extra $10/hr to cover staffing. Reserve at least one week in advance to assure staff availability.

Call the Blacksburg Community Center at 540-443-1140 or email the center supervisor, Josh Sharitz, at JSharitz@blacksburg.gov  for more information.

Community Rooms for Rental

  • Multipurpose Room holds 180-250; $30/hr
  • Community Room holds 80-100; $25/hr
  • Art Room holds 15; $15/hr
  • Program Room holds 60-80 (includes sink and counter);
  • Social Room  holds 15 (includes sofas and big screen TV); $15/hr
  • Game Room holds 70-90; $20/hr

Kitchen amenities are available with the Multipurpose or Community room rentals.

Gym Fee

The two gymnasiums at the community center are available for informal open basketball anytime the community center is open and when there are no rentals or Parks and Recreation programs being conducted in the gym. Basketballs may be checked out and returned at the front desk. Other gym activities, volleyball, soccer, dodge ball, tag games, etc., are allowed for groups that rent gym space and during designated program times.

Please call 540-443-1140 before traveling to the community center to check on availability of the gymnasiums. Do to unforeseen circumstances, (e.g. schools closing early), the gym open schedule may change.

  • For athletic events: Each gym rents for $25/hr and includes basketballs, volleyball and nets.
  • For non-athletic events:  Each gym rents for $50/hr.
  • Score Clocks:  Available to rent at $15/hr

Multipurpose Room

Holds 180 for a banquet or 250 for a lecture. $30/hr
Multipurpose Room

Multipurpose Room Kitchen

Included upon request
Multipurpose Room Kitchen

Community Room

Holds 80 for a banquet or 100 for a lecture.
Comm Room

Community Room Kitchen

Included upon request.
Comm Room Kit

Community Room

Set up for a meeting.
Comm Room (Meeting)

Program Room

Holds 60 for a banquet or 80 for a lecture
Program Room

Program Room

Set up for a meeting.Set up for a meeting.
Program Room (Meeting)

Social Room

Holds 15. Includes sofas and big screen TV.
Social Room

Game Room

Holds 60 for a banquet or 80 for a lecture.
Game Room




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