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To order maps of the Town of Blacksburg, please consult the pricing guide. Once the mapping request has been received, we will call you when your map products are ready to be picked up. Payment is made at the time the map products are picked up.

Pricing Guide

Large Format B&W Copies: $5/each

Color Map Plots

"A" 8x11 - $3
"B" 11x17 - $5
"C" 24x36 - $8
"D" 30x42 - $10
"E" 36x48 - $12

Color Aerial Plots

"A" 8x11 - $5
"B" 11x17 - $7
"C" 24x36 - $10
"D" 30x42 - $15
"E" 36x48 - $20

New 2005 digital Aerial Products

All products by 2500 X 2500 Tile $75

Specific products by tile

Aerial Image (geotiff) $20
LiDAR with DTM (txt & shp) $40
2’ & 10’ contours (.dwg) $15
Complete Town-wide coverage of all products (Volume discount) $ 9,000

Digital Products Available
in AutoCAD drawing or ESRI shape formats

Street Maps
Topographic Maps
Greenways & Bike Trails
Town Parks Zoning Map

Download digital files in ESRI shape or AutoCAD drawing formats from the Blacksburg GIS Data Distribution Site. Files are also available on CD for $15, ($10, if suitable CD is provided).

Email ksmith@blacksburg.gov your request and release form.