Engage - Diesel the Planning Pup

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Meet Diesel

Diesel - planning pup blue laying down

 Diesel is a pup who knows that great planning builds a great community. He even took our short survey.


Q & A with Diesel 

What do you like most about Blacksburg?

I like the sense of community most. And the dog park - I get to see my furrr-iends there.


What do you want to see in the future?

I would really like more sidewalks and trails where I can walk my people.


I like to meet new people so I go to a lot of events around town. You can follow me on social media to see what I am doing and where I will be next!

Instagram Color          www.instagram.com/planningpup

    Twitter Blue Square             www.twitter.com/planningpup

    Facebook             www.facebook.com/blacksburg


Diesel - red walking