Spring and Fall Cleanup

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Spring and Fall Cleanups are curbside collection services for debris and brush that are provided to town recycling and refuse customers. Please note this program is not intended to collect waste from contractors with major construction and/or demolition debris. Collection occurs in both the spring and fall. Exact dates will be announced each year via the My Waste App, website, WTOB, Citizens Alert, and flyers. If you can fit your cleanup debris into your trash cart, please do so. It is difficult to use heavy equipment on small piles. Thank you!

Spring Cleanup 2019 Schedule

Quadrant Week of
Southeast April 8
Northeast April 15
Northwest April 22
Southwest April 29








Fall Cleanup 2019 Schedule

Quadrant Week of
Northwest September 23
Southwest September 30
Southeast October 7
Northeast October 14








View the Quadrant Map (785kb pdf)

Large street map with quadrants (1.32mb pdf)

Materials must be separated into distinct piles of:

  • Brush
    • Must be no longer than seven feet and no greater than six inches in diameter
    • Visit the Brush Collection Page for further guidelines.
    • Bamboo must be placed with other debris and NOT with brush
  • Metal appliances
    • With any airtight doors removed.
  • Tires
    • Must be removed from rims and have an inside diameter of 19 inches or less.
    • No more than eight tires per household.
    • No commercial, racing, or farm use tires will be accepted.
  • Other debris, (miscellaneous household junk, bamboo)

All items must be placed curbside by 7 a.m. on the Monday of your quadrant's scheduled collection week. Collection will occur throughout the entire week. Each category of materials will be collected separately. Town crews will only visit each household once for each category of materials.

Items intended for cleanup must be accessible by town equipment from the public right of way. Town equipment will not enter private property, parking lots, or driveways to remove materials. Material placed near mailboxes, water meters, fire hydrants, posts, or other obstacles that could be damaged by town equipment during cleanup will not be collected. 

Materials must not be placed near any obstacles. The town is not responsible for any damages.

Not acceptable for collection during cleanup:

  • Hazardous waste, household and yard chemicals, and paint
    • These materials are accepted every third Saturday of the month at the the Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority, located at 555 Authority Dr., To preregister, call 540-381-2820, ext. 300.
    • Latex paint that is still usable, (clean and at least 1/3 full), may be donated to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Unusable latex paint should be dried in its can using kitty litter or sand. Once dry, the entire can should be disposed of in the trash.
  • Propane tanks
    • Only small camping types are acceptable, (16.4 oz. net weight or less).
  • Household garbage
  • Tires with an inside diameter of greater than 19 inches
  • Batteries
    • Car batteries should be taken to local automotive parts stores for recycling.
    • Alkaline batteries may be dropped off for recycling at the YMCA Thrift Shop and various downtown merchants.
    • Other batteries should be taken to the Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority for recycling.
  • Electronics
  • Fluorescent Lamps. Home Depot accepts CFLs for recycling for free.
  • Loose Leaves 
    • Leaves must be bagged for collection during fall and spring cleanup. Loose leaves are only collected during leaf collection, which begins the end of October.

Please note that this program is not intended to pick up waste from contractors or major  construction and/or demolition debris. 

For more information, contact Public Works at 540-443-1200.