Stay Informed

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Finally, now that you have a kit and a plan, it is important that you know what kind of hazards could affect you and your family.

There are three categories of hazards: Natural, Technological, and Terrorism.

Natural Hazards

A natural hazard is a natural event that can threaten lives, property, and other assets. It happens often in the same region because it is related to weather patterns or the physical aspect of that area.

Natural hazards that can or have happened in Blacksburg are:Road destroyed after a flood

  • Earthquakes
  • Extreme Heat
  • Fires
  • Flooding
  • Hurricanes
  • Pandemic Flu
  • Thunderstorms and Lightning
  • Tornadoes
  • Wildfires
  • Winter Storms and Extreme Cold

Flare on roadTechnological Hazards

Technological hazards are events such as hazardous materials incidents. These incidents usually come with no warning and victims may not know they have been affected until years later.

Here in Blacksburg, there are two types of technical hazards that can happen: hazardous materials incidents and household chemical emergencies.



Terrorism is the use of force or violence against persons or property in violation of the criminal laws of the United States for purposes of intimidation, coercion, or ransom. While the chance of being a victim of a terrorist attack is rare, being prepared can help you and your family exert some control.