Collection Services

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Regular Service

 Quadrant  Regular Service Day Inclement Weather/
Holiday Service Day
 Southeast Quadrant  Monday  Wednesday
 Northwest Quadrant  Tuesday  Wednesday
 Northeast Quadrant  Thursday  Saturday
 Southwest Quadrant  Friday  Saturday

2020 Recycling calendar (PDF)

Scheduled Cleanup and Curbside Collection Service

View the Quadrant Map or Large street map with quadrants 

Please see the Curbside Recycling Guidelines to learn more on what you can recycle. Visit Spring and Fall Cleanup for cleanup guidelines. For further information, contact the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling at 540-443-1212 or

Greenway / Bikeway / Sidewalk Corridor Committee

The Greenway/Bikeway/Sidewalk Corridor Committee meets every 3rd Wednesday at 7:30 am.  Please contact Maeve Gould at 540-443-1300 or


Greenway/Bikeway/Sidewalk Corridor Committee
Wednesday, October 16, 2019
7:30 AM
Blacksburg Motor Company Conference Room
400 South Main Street



I.          Call to Order

II.         Approval of July 17, 2019 and August 21, 2019 meeting notes

III.        Public Address

IV.        Design Review:  None

V.         Old Business:
a,  Administrative Updates
              b. Christiansburg Meeting Update

VI.      New Business:
a. Bike Share and Scooter Program Updates
                 1)  Cat Woodson-Bike Share
                 2)  Chitti Raju-On Campus Scooters
          b.  Wheeled Vehicle and Mobility Device Ordinance Update (Larry Spencer)

VII.      Adjourn


Corridor Committee Members

Elizabeth Lohman-Chair
Sheridan Bell
John Bush
Paul Farrier
Aaron Grigsby
Steve Hankey
Christian James
Nick Quint (VT)
Jess Thornton

Subcommittees meet on an as-needed basis:
Sidewalk and Lane Subcommittee
Safety and Education Subcommittee
Greenway and Trail Subcommittee





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