Pictures of the Move

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Preparing for the Move

Preparing for the move, boards were placed under the house’s foundation for support.


Officials Stand Where House Will Be Located

Town officials stand in the hole where the house will be located.


TV Coverage of the Move

WDBJ 7 interviews Jim Matyiko prior to the move.


Council Members Watch the Move

Former Mayor Roger Hedgepeth and Council Members Ron Rordam and Frances Parsons watch as the move begins. 

Citizens Gather to Watch the Move

The crowd gathers to watch a piece of history preserved.


Expert House Movers at the Controls

President of Expert House Movers, Jim Matyiko, operates the controls to move the house.


On The Move

The Alexander Black House as it begins to cross Draper Road.


Mayor Hedgepeth at the Controls

Former Mayor Roger Hedgepeth prepares to operate the controls as the news media gathers around.


Backing into Its New Space

A view of the backside of the house as it enters the new site.


Almost There

A view of the house just before its settled into its new location.


Ready for a New Foundation

The Alexander Black House, secured in its new location until a foundation can be poured.


View from the Old Site to the New

Main Street view of the site after the house is moved.


The Crew After the Move

The Expert House Movers crew pose for a picture at the end of the day.