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Mayor Leslie Hager-SmithWelcome to Blacksburg, Virginia. Nestled in a sheltered basin between the Blue Ridge and Alleghany mountains, Blacksburg is a product of its geography as much as its history. As a notable station on the path of America’s Great Migration, the town has always harbored the far-sighted and high-reaching. It was in 1772, from this remote location atop the Eastern Divide, that our pioneering forebears successfully petitioned to host the land grant college that would become Virginia Tech. Generations since have known the call of crisp fall days, far mountain vistas and freshwater along the streets of our town.  

Consistently ranked among the country’s best places to live, study and work, Blacksburg is known for its reasonable cost of living, safety, moderate climate, and plentiful leisure opportunities. Here, you’ll find shops, restaurants, galleries and outdoor activities in abundance. The town enjoys a civic culture made robust by the participation of permanent residents, scholars and students, alike. They contribute to a local government recognized throughout the state for its fiscal management, communications, public safety, transit, and sustainable practices.

Regional collaboration among our academic, medical, technology and tourism communities makes Blacksburg a vital hub of productivity and prosperity. The VT Corporate Research Center, with over 230 acres hosting more than 180 companies and 5,000 employees, helps to attract and retain one of the best-educated workforce in the country.

Our success is grounded, as well, in the veneration we hold for the people and traditions which have shaped this Appalachian community. Local foodways, music, dance and crafts are part of a living tradition that is distinctive and authentic. Blacksburg’s rich embrace of history includes numerous properties listed on the National Register of Historic Properties.

Today, Blacksburg is a rising star on the national horizon; a nexus for research and industry; and a genuine “homeplace” for many thousands of residents – past and present. 

It’s “not on your way . . . it's where you're going!”


Warm regards,

Leslie Hager-Smith