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Want to be notified of an emergency or severe weather event taking place near your home or work place? Perhaps you’re most interested in learning about events, recreation opportunities, and changes in trash collection in the Town of Blacksburg.

Sign up today for Citizens Alert so you don’t miss a minute of breaking, and sometimes not so breaking, news from the Town of Blacksburg. If you’re interested, sign up for notifications from Montgomery County and the Town of Christiansburg using the same system, the same user name and password - the same everything. It’s that easy.

Messages can be sent in voice and text formats to all standard devices, including land line phone, cell phone, and email.

Sign up by creating an account. All personal information will be kept confidential.  If you wish to modify your alerts, log in to Citizens Alert and select edit "My Alert Subscriptions."

For more information or to remove your account, contact the Community Relations Office at or 540-443-1090.

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Citizens Alert: Frequently Asked Questions