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Engineering services are provided to support the public infrastructure of the Town of Blacksburg. These activities support the assurance of safe and reliable drinking water and fire protection, the provision of safe, reliable, and environmentally compliant sanitary sewer systems, the protection of stream water quality, and the provision of safe, efficient, and reliable transportation systems. In addition, engineering provides oversight of private development activities as they relate to extensions of or impacts to the public infrastructure.acts to the public infrastructure.

GIS or Geographic Information System is a valuable resource for finding your way around the Town of Blacksburg. Online maps show zoning areas for business and residential use as well as quadrant maps locating voting and school districts and outlining neighborhood areas. The GIS Department provides land owner and plat information as well as topography and aerial photographs, new and changed addresses, and any and all map services. In addition, the GIS Department is the storehouse for all recent and older site and subdivision development plans.