Business License Taxes

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The Director of Financial Services assesses the Town of Blacksburg license taxes which are levied on the basis of gross receipts on businesses operating in the Town of Blacksburg. Delinquent taxes must be paid before the business license can be issued. You must file an application and pay the license tax by March 1 of each year. A new business must obtain a license prior to the date it begins business in the Town of Blacksburg. License processing will take approximately three to five days.

New Businesses: When you apply for a business license bring an estimate of your gross receipts for the current year to the Department of Financial Services. You will also need a Certificate of Occupancy, or, if your business is located in your home, a Home Occupation Permit. These can be obtained from Planning and Engineering, 540-443-1300, at no charge. Existing Businesses: Filing and payment deadline is March 1 on the previous year's gross receipts.

Finance Department
300 South Main Street, Blacksburg, VA 24060

Solicitors, Itinerant Merchants and Peddlers must obtain a Town of Blacksburg license immediately and prominently display this license.

Business Licenses Tax Rates 

Over $50,000 gross receipts:
Retail $.20 per $100 gross receipts
Contractor $.10 per $100 gross receipts
Business Services $.23 per $100 gross receipts
Professional Services $.37 per $100 gross receipts
Public Utilities 0.5% of gross receipts
Cable TV $.36 per $100 gross receipts
Wholesalers $.05 per $100 of purchases

Retail Contractor Business Services Professional Services
$30 0-15,000 0-30,000 0-13,040 0-8,100
$35 15,001-20,000 30,001-40,000 13,041-17,400 8,101-10,800
$40 20,001-25,000 40,001-45,000 17,401-21,700 10,801-13,500
$50 25,001-50,000 45,001-50,000 21,701-50,000 13,501-50,000

Peddler: $30
Solicitors: (Chapter 19 of Code) $30 application fee, $30 license fee, need police investigation
Itinerant: $500 
Mobile Food Vendor:  $100

Meals Tax: 6%  in addition to state sales tax of 5.3% 

Hotel Tax: 7%