Miscellaneous Local Taxes

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Prepared Food and Beverage Tax

Every restaurant, caterer, convenience store, grocery delicatessen, etc. engaged in the business of selling prepared food  in the Town of Blacksburg must register with the Director of Financial Services, collect the tax, and file the appropriate returns on a monthly basis. The tax rate is 6 percent of the total cost of the prepared food.


Transient Occupancy Tax

Every hotel, motel, tourist home, or other lodging place that, for compensation, furnishes lodging to any person on a transient basis, (30 consecutive days or less), must collect the appropriate transient tax. Those entities collecting such a tax are required to register with the Town of Blacksburg and file the appropriate returns on a quarterly basis. The tax rate is 7 percent of the lodging bill. 


Utility Tax

The Town of Blacksburg levies a utility tax on users of gas and electricity. This tax is shown on the respective utility bill and is collected by the utility company. Utility companies should contact:

Finance Department
300 South Main St.,
Blacksburg, VA 24060