Housing Resiliency Grants

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Home Repair

The Housing Resiliency Grant Program provides eligible applicants with free assistance to:

  1. improve energy efficiency,
  2. improve accessibility to and within the home, and
  3. obtain minor repairs to substandard housing conditions to safeguard against imminent danger to human l
    ife, health or safety.  

The maximum amount of assistance per household over a five year period may not exceed $5,000 unless an exception is approved based on individual need and circumstance. Assistance is provided as a grant, with no interest and no repayment requirement. The Housing Resiliency Grant Program is available to: 

  1. income eligible, homeowner-occupied applicants who reside within the corporate limits of the Town of Blacksburg, or
  2. tenants and owners of single family rental housing provided the tenant is income eligible. In the case of manufactured or mobile homes, ownership of the lot is not a prerequisite for participation in the program.

Homeowners or tenants requesting assistance may obtain a Housing Resiliency Grant application packet by contacting:

Town of Blacksburg
Housing & Neighborhood Services
Ellen Stewart
Housing & Community Development Grants Coordinator