Town Gown

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 The Big Event

The Town/Gown program is a voluntary collection of both town and Virginia Tech staff, students, and citizens who meet to work together towards the goal of proactive education about quality of life issues and neighborhood stability, ultimately blending the Virginia Tech and Blacksburg communities.

The town is presented with many issues rooted in the interaction of an eclectic mix of people, housing, and living styles. An increasing number of students living off campus has increased contact between student and non-student residents. Town/Gown strives to facilitate positive, outcome-based solutions to the increased demand on neighborhoods and interpersonal relationships caused by this mix.

Town Gown Community Relations is a committee co-chaired by town and university staff. The committee’s planning group consists of approximately twenty-five representatives who actively participate year-round. Students and residents are invited to attend and contribute their expertise and life learning.

To broaden the efforts of our local Town Gown the town works nationally with peer-professionals to foster improvements collectively. Sources are located at

For more information about the Town Gown Community Relations Committee please call the Neighborhood Services Office at 540-443-1610.