Chief of Police

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Blacksburg is truly a special place. To serve here requires a distinctive set of skills and understanding, to lead here takes much more. My philosophy revolves around the observation that the key to this community is in its diversity. The challenge is to provide a balance between protecting this community while allowing it to support a creative learning environment and individual expression. In order to understand this, you have to know Blacksburg. This community combines local and international, Appalachia and Silicon Valley, college student and retiree. I have enjoyed the privilege of growing up here, being local and graduating from Virginia Tech, being a merchant and municipal servant, being a parent and community volunteer. It is through this experience that I’ve been endowed with the understanding required to take on this monumental task and effectively serve this community. 

Providing police service requires the ability to constantly change and evolve, to be tolerant while remaining vigilant, to be kind and compassionate while remaining tactically sharp and proficient. A police department’s success is marked by its ability to constantly evaluate direction and application of service and remain open to change and innovation. Modern law enforcement is now defined by relationships and cooperation amongst agencies and requires the ability to build partnerships. I have dedicated my career to establishing these positive alliances and found decisive examples of return on this investment on a daily basis.

I am proud to serve the citizens of Blacksburg and lead one of the finest law enforcement agencies in this country. I am dedicated to our incredible men and women who serve in this very demanding profession and will work tirelessly to promote our core values of honor, integrity, honesty and compassion.

Anthony S. Wilson
Chief of Police