Physical Agility and Strength Test

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Physical Fitness test will consist of timed curl-ups, sit-ups, and 1.5 mile run. Applicants must meet minimum repetitions in the allotted time for curl-ups and sit-ups and must not exceed the allotted time for the run.

During the physical agility and strength test, applicants will wear equipment similar to what a police officer wears while on-duty. There are a variety of skill defined, job related elements that will comprise the physical agility and strength test. These elements are subject to update and revision.

Examples of elements to be utilized include a weapon manipulation and clearing drill, window climb, fence obstacle, dummy exercise, and running. Applicants must successfully complete all elements of the physical agility and strength test in the allotted time to continue in the selection process.

Download and see the physical agility course map in pdf format.

Sgt. Sedrick Hayes shows the do's and don'ts of the physical fitness test.