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The town maintains miles of sidewalks, bike trails and lanes. Create a cleaner environment by getting in some of those 10,000 steps needed to take every day to stay fit. Walk to work. Walk to local shops rather than taking a car to a distant shopping center. Go for a hike rather than a drive in the country. Every gallon of gas not used saves 1.3 lbs in greenhouse gas pollution – and saves money!


Ride a bike 

About one-quarter of the carbon emissions produced pours out of the tailpipes of vehicles. Bikes burn no gasoline, and there are many on road commuter bike lanes and interesting off road trails in the area.


Ride Blacksburg Transit

If one in ten Americans regularly used transit, reliance on foreign oil could decline by more than 40 percent. Blacksburg Transit offers specially equipped vans and small buses along with trained drivers to give persons with disabilities equivalent access to public transportation. Call Blacksburg Transit at 540-443-1500 for more information; for hearing impaired call the VA Relay Service at 711.


Drive smart

If driving is a must, then share a ride. The average commuter burns 340 gallons a year, creating a 3.4 ton cloud of CO2. Ride with one extra passenger and that figure is cut in half. Plan trips to reduce miles driven to pick up one or two items. Keep vehicles properly maintained and tuned. According to the EPA, most automobiles can improve their gas mileage by 6 percent with a minor tune-up. Properly inflated tires can also improve overall fuel efficiency.


Town of Blacksburg Vehicles

The Town of Blacksburg is committed to reducing the fuel efficiency of its fleet and the use of petroleum fuels.