The purpose of the town attorney’s office is to provide effective and efficient legal services, promote accountability, trust and openness in government, and focus on outcomes that are fair and equitable while protecting the best interests of the client.

Responsibilities of the Town Attorney

According to Blacksburg Town Code § 2-302, the town attorney shall be “the legal advisor to the town council and its committees and to the mayor, the town manager and other officers of the town, and when requested, shall furnish written or verbal opinions upon any subject involving questions of law in which the town is interested.”

Blacksburg Town Code § 2-302 further provides that the town attorney shall “draft all bonds, deeds, obligations, contracts, leases, conveyances, agreements and other legal instruments, of whatever nature, which may be required by any ordinance or order of the town council, or which, by law, usage or agreement, should be drawn by the town. It shall also be the town attorney's duty to commence and prosecute all actions and suits to be brought by the town before any tribunal in this commonwealth, or to request the appointment of other counsel for such purpose, also to appear, defend and advocate the rights and interests of the town in any suit or prosecution brought against it, and the town attorney shall perform such other duties as are or may be required for the town under his or her contract therewith or by any ordinance or resolution of the town council.”

Citizen legal representation

The town attorney’s office does not provide legal advice or opinions to citizens and cannot represent citizens in personal or private legal matters.

Sources for Private Legal Representation:

Virginia Lawyers Referral Service: 1-800-552-7977
Southwest Virginia Legal Aid Society: 540-382-6157
Blacksburg Town Code
Virginia Code