Strategic Goals

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The Blacksburg Town Council establishes strategic goals to help focus the council and staff on current issues of community interest and guide the town’s work plan. Blacksburg is prized for its natural beauty, small town charm and the quality of life afforded by a 21st century town-gown community. It is critical to keep these qualities in mind as our town continues to grow and develop. A successful and sustainable town must have a thriving business community and a beautiful, healthy environment with safe and enriching neighborhoods. For our town to retain these qualities and build upon these attributes, the following strategic goals have been identified by the Blacksburg Town Council in 2018.

2018-2019 Town Council Strategic Goals - Adopted Feb. 13, 2018

Proactively plan for community growth

  • Plan for redevelopment of existing student housing
  • Complete Downtown Strategic Plan
  • Participate in Regional Housing Study and explore partnerships and incentives to provide affordable and
    workforce housing
  • Plan for the impacts of growth to maintain neighborhood quality of life
  • Explore expansion of Blacksburg Transit to increase capacity on existing routes and to serve
  • Invest in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure consistent with the Bicycle Master Plan and Prices Fork
    Safety and Mobility Study

Update the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance to reflect a changing community

  • Complete the Comprehensive Plan 5-year update
  • Study and implement changes to zoning requirements in commercial districts to accomplish appropriate
    development forms
  • Make targeted changes to residential zoning districts to allow infill development while protecting existing

Plan for downtown redevelopment and public parking

  • Collaborate on the Old Blacksburg Middle School property to implement a plan that reflects the stated
    design principles adopted by Town Council and provides public spaces
  • Develop a Master Plan for the general area around the Progress Street Parking Lot to include structured
  • Proactively work with the Blacksburg Baptist Church on the redevelopment of its property
  • Put the Cook’s Clean Center property into productive use and ultimately leverage the property to
    facilitate future redevelopment
  • Support the development of professional housing in downtown

Expand recreational opportunities

  • Explore partnerships on the Old Blacksburg High School Property for future recreational use
  • Begin construction on the Mountain Bike Skills Park
  • Complete the trail connection between the Huckleberry Trail and Heritage Park
  • Complete construction at South Point Park

Continuing Community Values

  • Environmental Sustainability - Continue the Town’s environmental sustainability efforts to implement the town’s Climate Action Plan.
  • Neighborhood Quality - Continue the ongoing focus on code enforcement activities in key neighborhoods to address negative impacts of rental properties. Continue to look for and use all tools available to the town for effective neighborhood code enforcement.
  • Affordable Housing – Continue to support the development of affordable housing in Blacksburg and the
    surrounding region.
    Regional Cooperation – Continue positive relationships with Virginia Tech and neighboring communities in the New River Valley. Work to build closer working relationships with the Roanoke Valley and communities in Southwest Virginia.